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Tag: 18.04

Black Screen? Nvidia Graphics Cards

I run into this issue literally all the time, if you try to install ubuntu on an Nvidia graphics card you may need to use the “nomodeset” string in your grub menu before booting until you can install graphics drivers for your graphics card. Press “e” with either “try ubuntu” or “install ubuntu”, a new screen will appear then simply fine the string “quiet splash” and type “nomodeset” beforehand, you should now be able to get into the operating system with a basic graphics driver, this option is temporary so you’ll likely need to use it again once Ubuntu is…

Initial Server Setup: Ubuntu 18.04

Before we can even create our Ubuntu server we need to generate what are called SSH keys which allow users connect to their servers remotely and securely, this is where you need to download and install the program Putty, once Putty is installed you need to open a program which came bundled with Putty called Putty Key Generator, this program allows you to generate a long private key which is what you’re going to be using to connect to your Ubuntu 18.04 server.