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Tag: Ubuntu

Multicraft Unsupported Java detected

Today I logged into my Multicraft server to do a little routine maintenance, software updates.

Once I ran the necessary commands and updated software I noticed that my Minecraft server would not start, spitting out the error below.

Unsupported Java detected (55.0). This version of Minecraft requires at least Java 16. Check your Java version with the command 'java -version'.

That’s odd, because I was running the latest stable version for my distribution, after searching across message boards I discovered that for whatever reason the bleeding edge version of Java is too new for Minecraft to run.

Security Headers

I still use Apache for a web server because of the vast amount of documentation on the web, something I’ve overlooked for a long time are security headers… The more I read about security breaches from other sites the more paranoid I get about the sites I have on the internet.

Enabling Apache security headers is pretty straight forward, first enable the Apache module headers

sudo a2enmod headers

And reload Apache

sudo systemctl restart apache2

You may wish to go into each individual virtual host to enable specific headers for specific sites but in my case I’m going to edit the Apache config which effects every website running.

Open Apache config

Unattended Upgrades With Mailgun

System updates are very important as they contain bug fixes, security patches and feature improvements. Sometimes these updates can break system functions so it’s always a good idea to send yourself a changelog of what has been updated to help problem solve in the event of an update breaking something.

We’re going to use a mail service called Mailgun for no other reason than it’s my preferred choice of email delivery provider, they’re also currently free.

First we’re going to configure unattended upgrades to upgrade our system, I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 though you should be able to use this guide on different versions of Ubuntu.